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“I am very happy to have found Illene. I have been trying to find a good therapist for a very long time and finding her has been a blessing! She is very knowledgeable and provides many tools and resources on different therapeutic philosophies. She is also very welcoming and kind and very very accommodating. She goes out of her way to help you the client in whatever way she can from pricing to relationships to scheduling flexibility. I highly recommend her as a therapist for anxiety, depression, trauma healing and relationships. I feel lighter and more whole after our sessions and feel very thankful for her contributions to my life.”

Patricia B. | Irvine, CA

“My favorite sessions with Ilene are doing Psych K work. I leave feeling more open, positive, and excited for what’s to come. That’s only one of the many goodies she can pull from in her overflowing grab bag of therapeutic tools.  Always on the cutting edge of what is being utilized in the therapeutic world, Ilene shares her gift so generously to ensure I leave more centered than when I arrived and can continue to live in that space..”

Sharon S. | North Hollywood, CA

“Ilene has been a blessing in my life. I had seen several therapists in my life before. After talking to the last one about my daughter who was being bullied in preschool, I almost gave up on going to therapists anymore until I found Ilene by chance.
She genuinely cares, is very knowledgable, has a variety of tools/resources/techniques at hand, tries to accommodate my crazy schedule, and the distance… well it does not matter since she offers Facetime sessions.
In addition to being amazing as a psychologist, she has been helpful to me spiritually and even with my medical problems (I have to mention she is also a surgeon) and her help has reached to my entire family including my husband and kids. I’m truly grateful for having found her.”

Sara M. | Redwood City, CA

“Ilene was a beyond a pleasure to work with. If I hadn’t relocated I would still be a grateful client. Her compassion, empathy, and insight influenced me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Her workspace is incredibly therapuetic and she has a darling poodle that can join the meeting should you prefer. Throughout my time working with her she offered immensely intriguing book and film suggestions, which added to my progression of self-awareness and assisted in coloring my world through views previously unknown. She is an absolutely wonderful and divine soul. For everything you are, thank you, Ilene.”

Sharasa R. | San Luis Obispo, CA

“I highly recommend Dr. Krems. She is a great therapist and very caring . I have been seeing her for a few months and I am enjoying our sessions together. If you need help , call her . She also takes insurance which is amazing . It’s rare to find a good provider that takes and bills insurance for you.”

Melissa M. | Los Angeles, CA

Ilene is a great marriage counselor. She listened to our problems attentively and had my wife and I communicating more efficiently again. We are both very happy with her work. Her dog Strudel is awesome as well.

Highly recommended!

Daniel H. I Los Angeles

I’m delighted to recommend Dr. Ilene Krems, who I first met years ago as an outstanding student in a graduate psychology course I taught. She’s been a close personal friend ever since.  I’ve had a part in the training of a great many psychotherapists, and consider Ilene among the best I’ve seen.
Genuinely brilliant, kind and insightful, Ilene is highly skillful and always on the lookout for new techniques and perspectives to serve her clients better. As a psychotherapy supervisor to her in the past, I’m aware that she has many long-term clients who adore her, and — better yet – who make real progress toward their therapeutic goals. Which, as you may know, is not always the case in psychotherapy.
Ilene‘s generically spiritual, cognitive perspective convinces her that all of us can experience healing if we are prepared to reconsider deeply held beliefs that may be holding us back. She brings humor, respect and a gentle wisdom to every personal encounter, and is someone with whom I feel comfortable sharing my own problems.

Carolyn M. I Los Angeles

“I am so grateful I found Ilene. I have been looking for someone to help me find healthy ways to take action in my own life for a long time. Previously I had gone to therapists that aimed to help me identify my feelings. I knew how I felt: sad, insecure, overly emotional, threatened. I even knew to some extent where those feelings came from, but unraveling the mental loops and patterns that kept me stuck seemed impossible. I had done a lot of research on cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy and decided I was finally ready to make a change. Working with Ilene allows me a space to be honest and keep myself accountable in a way that is kind, loving and feels truthful. There were so many issues I struggled to admit because I felt like if I said them aloud they would be true and then I would be seen as incapable, stupid, or worse, a terrible person. But working with Ilene I have been able to find honesty with myself and grow through that awareness. Everyone needs a champion and Ilene will be that for you.”

Susie C. | Los Angeles, CA

“There are very few people who would freely admit that they need a shrink. But when your friends plot an intervention, therapy becomes a must. That was 15 years ago. Compliments about your outfit or your looks can fade but compliments about your character are everlasting. I am the woman I am today because of Ilene. And I freely admit that Ilene was and is exactly what I need. Ilene loves what she does and puts her soul into every session. You only get out of something what you put into it and with Ilene’s dedication to the power of internal healing, you WILL come out strong. As Ilene often says, “No one should go through life unsupervised.” I won’t go through any crisis in my life without Ilene.”

Janice B. | Los Angeles, CA

“Ilene is awesome. She introduced me to all of the great spiritual teachers: Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham-Hicks, and A Course in Miracles. I can honestly talk to her about anything – career, relationships, stress/anxiety, spirituality. She has helped me get through a breakup as well as strengthen my current relationship. She lets me talk as much as I need to and always has good, supportive advice. I moved away about 2 years ago and we still speak on the phone when I’m going through a tough time. 

She has helped me immensely and I have a grown a lot thanks to her help. If you’re looking for guidance, deeper meaning, and peace, I highly recommend Ilene.”

Lena A. | Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve never had a therapist before so I was pretty apprehensive about it but Ilene made me feel very comfortable. I was struggling from anxiety which was escalating into panic attacks. The attacks got to be debilitating so I began to dread them which added to the cycle. Thank goodness for Ilene because she gave me tools I could use (anxiety never really go away) to curtail them from getting full blown. After a few months of therapy I was able to manage the attacks and now I can honestly say I have them under control. Ilene is super sweet and knowledgeable. She offers phones sessions which was really helpful too.  I’m really grateful because it’s made a big difference in my quality of life. I’m so happy to be beyond all that!”

Laura T. | Newport Beach, CA

“I have known Ilene personally and as colleagues for over 20 years.  She has a passion for  clients and for helping people live life to the fullest.  Ilene has the highest integrity.  She is not judgmental and looks for the good in all people. Whenever we talk, she always has a new book or tool that she is using to help her clients.  If you are looking for a therapist who truly cares with compassion and a very kind spirit, please think of Ilene.  I think you will be glad that you did.”

Roz M. | Palm Desert, CA

“Finding a therapist you get along well with and can trust is pivotal for your journey to mental wellbeing. I’ve had good ones and not so good ones. It’s easy to lose motivation if it’s not a good fit which is why I’m grateful I found Ilene. She’s a gem. Her experience and wisdom makes it easy for me to feel understood when I unload on her but instead of just letting me vent she challenges me to view my circumstance from a different perspective and provides me with tools I can use to bring me more peace of mind. 
She also shares a lot of different techniques, books, and exercises that have proven to be quite beneficial for me to manage my condition.               

I have Borderline Personality Disorder and since I was diagnosed six years ago I’ve come to realize a lot of therapists don’t really care to treat people like me. It’s frustrating because my condition is actually curable and with her help I’ve been able to manage it. It just requires intense work both on my part and from my therapist. I commend Ilene for being amongst the very few that find value in working with people that suffer from BPD. She’s made an incredible difference in my life and even though sometimes I get frustrated and think to myself, “I don’t need therapy why am I having to spend the money, time, etc…?” after each session I remember why.. because I am invested in being the best version of me possible and because I want to enjoy fulfilling relationships and the best life has to offer. 

Thank you Ilene for being a therapist with integrity and for sharing your wisdom whole heartedly with me. I appreciate your patience and sternness. You’ve helped me to calm the storm and to weather my emotions instead of letting them overcome me.”

Elena T. | West Hollywood, CA

“Dr. Ilene is hands down the best therapist I have ever worked with. 

I have been dealing with PTSD occurring from a serious head injury back in 2011. Throughout the struggle of repressed memory syndrome, confusion, and being completely disoriented she has given me the grounding and support I have needed to find myself again. Along with the head injury issues I have been having, she also has helped me with emotional issues that I had long before the car accident. The main one being the relationship between me and my mother. I have had many other therapists in the past that tried to heal that relationship with no success. Dr. Ilene has helped me successfully repair that relationship. I am thankful, grateful, and proud to say she was the miracle we needed. My mother and I have a amazing relationship now. We have open and honest communication and I am happy to say my mom has become my best friend. I couldn’t have gotten to this happy place in my life without Dr. Ilene.  Sometimes all it takes is for someone to truly care, truly listen, and to truly be invested in healing the things that have broken your heart. She has soothed me in times of turmoil, helped me find courage when I felt defeated, and most importantly she has never let me down in the times I have needed her the most. She goes above and beyond and will always find a way even when things seem hopeless. She is an angel and I am so thankful to have her by my side. She is a healer you can count on when you are in your darkest hour. She will always find a way to get you where your heart is begging to be. She has helped me heal my broken mind and my broken heart. I believe there are a lot of people suffering from broken hearts out there. That is why I wanted to write this review. Dr.Ilene is an effective healer because she gets to the heart of things. She heals from her heart, to your heart, and from there everything becomes possible. I absolutely love this woman.”

From; Jay McC

Ashley B. | Westlake Village, CA

I started seeing Ilene for two reasons: 1. Marriage counseling and 2. Personal counseling and Ilene has been amazing on both ends. After seeing other therapists I had given up on psychotherapy as just talking about my issues without having any techniques or methods to move past them wasn’t going to resolve them. Luckily, my husband found Ilene and we started going to couples therapy and our relationship has significantly improved. It’s easy to fall in a routine so having a safe space to voice our concerns has helped us to see each other’s side with Ilene‘s help. 

On a personal level, I’m finally healing deep rooted issues through Psy-K (applied kinesiology) and it has been a relief after trying different alternative methods. 

Ilene is knowledgeable in traditional and alternative methods to help people. And I’m super thankful we found her. She is awesome!

Lucia R. I Los Angeles

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